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Summary. Below is a directory of resources for finding homes or apartments for rent in Iowa City, as well as additional information about the benefits of property management companies.

Iowa City features some of the most unique and desirable housing communities in the nation, such as Hawks Ridge pictured here.

Property Management Companies. Some rental properties are managed by a preselected resident, or property owners, or individuals on an as needed basis. In such cases, repairs and maintenance may be done by less than qualified people with slow response times. This can result in a poor living experience for the tenant and, in cases of neglect, a decline in the property value.

For this reason, tenants and property owners generally prefer working with a property management company. As a general rule, property management companies benefit both tenants and property owners because they provide a team of experienced and well equipped professionals to address every aspect of property management. This means that service calls are generally taken care of more quickly and done right the first time. Tenants benefit from having a higher quality housing experience. Property owners benefit because their property is properly maintained — making it increase in value.

Well managed properties will attract better tenants, and they bring in more rental income (because they deserve it). Problems such as water leaks (for example) can be taken care of promptly, reducing damage to property.

One example of a property that is cared for by a property management company would be The Lodge which is managed by SouthGate Property Management.

“In January 2011, I was able to take a tour of The Lodge during the filming of an international video documentary about innovative and economical housing. It had been a few years since I’d been there. The place looked great, maybe even better than before. I learned that SouthGate Property Management was now managing the property, so that explained a lot. It impressed on me how an exceptional property management company can help create and maintain a quality living experience for tenants while protecting and enhancing the property value for property owners.” ~ Greg Johnson

* * *

Photo Credit. The photo of The Lodge shown at the top of this page was taken by Greg Johnson.

“On October 16 of 2007, I was visiting The Lodge and saw that the evening sunlight after a rain was beautifully striking the building and wet green grass. So, from the third floor of the building farther to the west, I was able to take this photo out of the window facing somewhat south and east. Because The Lodge is at an elevated position, and has a third floor, the view is often quite spectacular. I’d taken some other nice photos from there on other occasions, including some pictures of sunsets.” ~ Greg Johnson