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Heart Songs 2006
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The Heart Songs CD is a collection of songs that represent a music journal expressing the Resources for Life journey for that year.

The CD is available for checkout from the Resources for Life library and also available for purchase from the iTunes music store [click here].

The CD insert is available as a Word Document or PDF file [ Word | PDF ]

Click here to access the HeartSongs2006 iTunes Playlist.

Copyright Notice

Resources for Life is a strong supporter and promoter of the professional music industry. We also help support freelance independent musicians. For this reason, all of the music used on the Heart Songs CD was legally obtained by purchasing the entire CD/Album or individual tracks using the Apple iTunes Music Store - this helps provide maximum financial benefit to the artists and the industry.

We encourage others to purchase music through legal channels as a way to support the work of musicians and the music industry. We do not mass produce the Heart Songs CD. We make it available on loan from our library and encourage people to create their own music mixes from their own growing legally purchased music collection. Please help support these artists by purchasing their music. Thanks.


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