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Welcome to the Alex Johnson Fan Club page at Resources for Life where you can find out the latest news about Alex.

The Alex Johnson Fan Club is a growing global community that follows the career and life of Alex Johnson.

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Alex washes up in his hotel room after successfully completing the Iron Man Triathlon in Hawaii.

A Note From Alex to His Fans...

"As I travel the world, I appreciate the loyal fans who welcome me with open arms. I couldn't do it without you. Over the next few months I'll be spending time in France preparing for my upcoming tour. I look forward to seeing you all this time around. Reach for the stars! Love ya." - Alex Johnson

2004 World Tour

Alex's upcoming world tour will be titled, "Venture Capitalism in the New Global Economy." Confirmed locations include: Bangkok, London, Sydney, New York, and Iowa City.

In The News

Alex is continually making surprise appearances in person and on websites. Most recently, Alex was seen gracing the home page of the University of Iowa website (below) giving two friends a kiss. "It's quite common in Europe for friends to greet each other with a kiss," Alex stated. "I'm hoping to revive the custom here in the U.S." When asked about the success of this effort Alex explained that he'd been slapped a few times, but he is still hopeful, stating, "Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm."


Alex Cashes in at the Doritos
World Billiards Championship

This year's high stakes billiards tournament was held in Bangkok. Alex walked away with over one million dollars in winnings. He plans to give most of it to charity.

Right: Alex holding some empty Doritos bags.

Bottom Left: Sizing up the next shot.

Bottom Right: Alex is taking a time out. Alex loves the beer, but the beer doesn't love him.


'Betcha can't eat just one.

Alex preparing for the successful 4 ball shot. All tables are cleared for this final game.

The champion takes a break after 48 hours of nonstop playing.


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This page is for entertainment purposes only. The information presented here is fictitious. For the real scoop on Alex, click here to visit his web page.

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