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Welcome to the Reading Room. This page contains a list of articles, writings, and links that are grouped by category. Articles and writings are listed in the order they have been added to this site, with the most recent writings at the top of each list. Other entries are listed alphabetically.

Please let us know if you have a story or reference document you would like to submit, or if you would like us to do a research project for you, we can post the content here on our site. [Feedback]

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Painting by Koko
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Computers and Technology

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bulletMicrosoft Office 2000 Product Review. On June 10th, 1999, Microsoft Corporation released one of the most significant and impressive software upgrades in recent history: Microsoft Office 2000. This brief report is provided to offer you a quick overview of some features and how they might improve your productivity and the quality of your life. [click here]
bullet MindLeaders. We now offer hundreds of courses through MindLeaders, click here.
Interactive Training 

Faith Series of Resource Groups

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bulletJewish Life. Links and resources for Jewish Life.
bulletChristians for Judaism. A Christian defense of Judaism.
bulletRuth Project. Christian perspectives on Judaism.
bulletMessianic Life. A blend of Judaism and Christianity.
bulletProphecy Resource Group. Christian prophetic links and information.
bulletChristian Life. Links and resources for Christian Life.
bulletUnitarian Life. Links and resources for Unitarian Life.



The Clone. A play on words. [click here] (20010226su)


MSN Denial of Technical Difficulties. There's nothing more frustrating than unsupportive technical support. Here's a humorous item. [click here] (20000217)

Inspirational - Christian

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bulletGod's Answers to Our Concerns. For all the negative things we have to say to ourselves, God has a positive answer. Author Unknown. Submitted by Lori O. [click here] (20010219mo)
bulletA Father's Sacrificial Love. This is a story that poignantly expresses the central message of the Christian faith. Author Unknown. Contributed by Curt E. [click here] (20010217sa)
bulletThree Trees. This is an encouraging story that shows how each of us serve God in our own unique way. Contributed by Lori O. Author unknown. [click here] (20010130)
bulletAre There any Questions? This is an encouraging story about the meaning of life from a Christian perspective. (24 January 2001) [click here]
bulletGeorge W. Bush, Personal Testimony of Faith. This writing from George Bush offers a special insight into his beliefs and faith. (November 2000) [click here]
bulletThe Best Bible Translation. This writing from Jonathan Cahn (Hope of the World Ministry) considers various translations of the Bible. You'll learn which one really is the best! [click here] (April 1999)

Inspirational - General

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bullet The Burning Hut. How we interpret tragedy in life can influence our view of God. Author Unknown. Submitted by Lori O. [click here] (20010219mo)
bullet The Storms of Life. How do you handle the storms of life? Learn a lesson from the eagle. Author Unknown. Submitted by Guyla P. [click here] (20010219mo)
bulletFive Great Lessons. Here are some good stories and examples to learn from and live by. Author Unknown. Submitted by Julie J. [click here] (20010215th)
bulletEverything Happens for a Reason. Get the tissues, then click here. Author Unknown. Contributed by Guyla P. (20010208)
bullet The Cracked Water Pot. This encouraging story reminds us that we are all uniquely valuable, even with our imperfections. Contributed by Lori O. Author unknown. [click here] (20010130)
bulletAre You Successful? This short and humorous story might change your definition of success. [click here] (May 30, 1999)
bulletBirdies. This story has probably made its way around the world through e-mail. If you missed it, take a moment now to read this amazing story. (1999) [click here]

Internet Links

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bulletActivist. Links are available through the Activist Resource Group. [click here]
bulletChristianity. Links are available through Christian Life. [click here]
bulletComputers. Links are available through PC DOC. [click here]
bulletEnvironmental. A list of the foremost environmental organizations. [click here]
bulletJudaism. Links are available through Jewish Life. [click here]
bulletMegaLinksİ Internet Directory. Many helpful Internet links on one page. [click here]
bulletMessianic Faith. Links are available through Messianic Life. [click here]
bulletProphecy. Links are available through the Prophecy Resource Group. [click here]
bullet Shopping. Links are available through the Direct Shopping page. [click here]

Internet Search

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To select from a complete list of search engines, click here. Otherwise, you can use the Google search here.


Search WWW Search

Marriage & Relationships

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Kosher Sex: A Recipe for Passion and Intimacy
by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (a Hasidic Lubavitcher Rabbi)

Kosher Sex is not the Jewish Kama Sutra. There are no hints on how the act itself should be performed. This is a book that insists marriage should come before sex, that pornography erodes the relationship between husband and wife and that passion should be the bedrock of a marriage, but only directed at one's spouse. And many will be surprised to find that the key to keeping marriage fresh are the Jewish laws of family purity. [more information]


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bulletDepartment of Defense Notice on DMA Usage
bulletISO Fact Sheet - International Organization for Standardization
bulletReligious Organizations (this link takes you to our Faith Series of Resource Groups)


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bulletPresident George W. Bush Reference Page
bulletPopular Female Vocalists
bulletThe Rabbi Goldman Home Page
bulletPope John Paul II - Millennial Letter, 30 June 1999
bulletMartin Luther King Jr. Reference Page
bulletAriel Sharon Reference Page
bulletPete Seeger Reference Page


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bulletComputer Store. You'll find the hardware, software, accessories, and parts you need. Use the supplies Genie to find supplies for just about any computer, fax, copier, printer, or other office type device. [click here]
bulletMegaLinksİ Internet Directory. Many helpful Internet links on one page. [click here]
bulletName Directories. Look up the meanings of modern and Biblical names. Over 3000 names in three directories. [click here]

bulletThe New Name Dictionary
by Alfred J. Kolatch

This text provides a very comprehensive guide to modern English and Hebrew names. Click here for more information.

bulletNexis. Search over 2.8 billion documents. [click here]
bulletPhone Book. This is the complete and current US West Index for North America. We've been impressed with how complete and accurate the service is. [click here]
bullet The Quotes Page. This page contains various quotes. [click here]
bulletResources for Life News Room. This is a new page where you can find news related links. [click here]
bulletZip Code Search. Provide a valid street address and this service will give you the complete and accurate mailing address including 9 digit zip code. [click here]

Religious Texts

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The Book of Letters
by Lawrence Kushner

A wonderful introduction to the rich tapestry of faith hidden within the Hebrew alphabet. The text includes various quotes from Rabbis and Jewish texts making it a nice introduction to Judaism. Click here for more information.

Complete Jewish Bible
by David H. Stern

This Bible translation provides the reader with a Jewish perspective of the Old Testament and New Testament. Significant Hebrew words and names remain in their original pronunciations rather than the English mispronunciation of them. The books of the Old Testament are organized in a way consistent with Jewish Tradition as they would be found in Hebrew Bibles. The New Testament translation removes subtle and blatant anti-Jewish and anti-Semitic phrases and teachings that unfortunately have erroneously appeared in many Bible translations over the past 2000 years. This Bible provides the Christian reader with a healthy and balanced presentation of the entire Bible in it's natural Jewish context, including a substantial introduction to Jewish thought and traditions. The Jewish reader will appreciate that this translation, especially in the New Testament, has been written from a Jewish perspective. The author, David H. Stern, is a Jewish member of the Messianic faith community. Click here for more information.

Gates of Prayer
Edited by Chaim Stern

Anyone looking for an encouraging devotional or reference text will be pleased with Gats of Prayer by Chaim Stern. It is a very nice presentation of prayers, readings, songs, and scriptures all from the Jewish faith but appropriate for anyone. Text is written in Hebrew and English making this a good resource for those learning to read Hebrew. Click here for more information.

Losers and Keepers in Argentina
by Nina Barragan

This collection of stories is a work of fiction that is based on actual historical accounts of Jewish immigrants to Argentina. The book spans the last hundred years and examines the experience of Jewish immigrants, some of whom were nourished by their roots, others who severed their ties to an old way of life. In looking at the choices they all made, the ways they found love or shut themselves off from it, Nina Barragan offers a moving and multidimensional portrait of early twentieth-century Argentina and its contemporary descendants. Click here for more information.

NIV Study Bible
Published by Zondervan

The NIV translation of the Bible is one of the most widely accepted translations available today. Click here for more information.

Resource Groups

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Some of the resource groups contain interesting writings. Below is a brief listing. For more information about our resource groups, click here.

bulletActivist Resource Group. Interesting writings and observations about the present day activist movement. [click here]
bulletChristians for Judaism. Amazing but true. [click here]
bulletFirst Nations People. Interesting writings and observations about indigenous people (with a somewhat Jewish bias). [click here]
bulletGymnastic Worship. Learn about this exciting combination of worship, gymnastics, and dance. [click here]
bulletHealth Resource Group. Learn about "Mega-Fitness" and Superfoods. [click here]
bulletRuth Project. Fascinating Christian perspectives on Judaism. [click here]
bulletSimple Life. Learn about the benefits of simple living. [click here]

Unusual Stories

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bulletThe Overloaded Sedan. What do you get when you put over 3000 pounds of construction supplies into and onto a compact 4-door sedan? Nothing. You call a cab! Take a look at what happened here. [click here] (20010213tu)

View from the Left

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The following writings, stories, articles, and links provide liberal, left-wing, views and opinions.

bulletGovernment and Religion. This is a liberal comedic routine that responds to faith based initiatives proposed by President George W. Bush. [click here] (20010220)


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