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My experience with digital and print media extends over about 18 years. What’s offered here are recent projects relating to strategic marketing and promotions delivered through websites, social media, print media, audio, video, and photography.

My work in this area at the University of Iowa resulted in numerous endorsements from colleagues and campus partners, as well as being honored as a recipient of the IOWA award.


Since 2016, I’ve been consulting full-time providing technical and media services to a wide range of business and non-profit clients through several service websites featured on Resources for Life.

Through my consulting work and public interest projects, I’ve had numerous radio, television, and print media interviews. The Resources for Life website, has had over 3 million organic views without any formal advertising or paid traffic.

From 2001 through 2015, my most recent full-time position at the University of Iowa involved providing technical support and media services. In that capacity I headed up our multi-departmental media communications team. While working at the University of Iowa, from 2003 to 2009, I lived off the grid and commuted by bicycle to work. Despite having an unplugged life at home, I was able to accomplish much in the areas of video production, photography, video production, social media promotions, and branding for the University as well as with my private clients.

In 2002 I helped establish the Small House Society. The organization website at one point had over 79,000 page views in a day. As director of the Small House Society, I had numerous radio, television, and print media interviews related to the small house movement. Through direct subscription and social media, the Small House Society has a reach of over 20,000 non-paid genuine organic opt-in followers. The Small House Society continues today.


Journalism and News Media Engagement

I’ve worked with journalists and news media to leverage the efforts of marketing campaigns for greater impact and outcomes. Below are a few examples of news media I’ve worked with or been interviewed by. Click any image below for the related story.













“IOWA” Award Recipient

20120227mo-improving-our-workplace-award-uiowaEach semester one individual and one team are selected at University of Iowa to receive the Improving Our Workplace Award. In 2011, I received the IOWA for my work with video content that was created for academic use as well as promotional use through social media. Creating a framework and workflow for media production, including participant waivers, became the basis for ongoing public engagement through social media.

Marketing for Outcomes

My approach to marketing is to begin by clearly defining the desired outcomes, and then establishing metrics for measuring the success of attaining those outcomes. Using a continuous improvement process, and comparing the measured success of multiple simultaneous campaigns, it’s possible to focus energies on approaches that are highest performing. This produces the greatest results using ‘right-sized’ approaches that are custom tailored to fit each campaign.


Media Promotions

“Greg has served on our Division Promotion Team, and has been highly involved in designing and implementing our Facebook page, Video Channel, and Digital Signage. He has worked closely with International Programs to share and post information on cultural events related to global education. Greg understands, very astutely, that shared resources such as technology bring disparate units such as ours together to help build a collective sense of identity. As a winner of the IOWA (Improving Our Workplace Award) award, Greg is highly aware of the difference a favorable work environment can make in improving efficiency and collegiality.” ~ Russ Ganim, Director, Division of World Languages, Literatures & Cultures, University of Iowa

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Media Production

“Greg was highly regarded for his willingness to engage totally in solving problems and completing projects, as well as for his kind, helpful manner… He regularly generated ideas for new services and refined procedures for the LMC and DWLLC. For example, in 2011 he won the IOWA for his initiative in creating the Video on Demand service that uses streaming video technology to provide web access to recordings of DWLLC and International Programs events and presentations. The Video on Demand service expanded the impact of our public events, providing an open connection to the intellectual vitality of UI departments and programs.” ~ Dr. Sue Otto, Director, Language Media Center, University of Iowa

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Media Presentation

“As video presentations and recordings have become more important in teaching and communications, Greg has done a great deal of advising and editing with video projects and produced valuable contributions to web pages and research in the DWLLC. He has travelled widely and been interested in many languages over the years, including Spanish, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi, and American Sign Language (ASL). For example, after beginning work at the LMC, he became interested in and then proficient in ASL, which was a very valuable skill for the LMC, considering that we have a large number of ASL instructors and students as customers.” ~ Dr. Becky Bohde, Interim Director, Language Media Center, University of Iowa

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Media Production

In my work at the University of Iowa, I recorded, produced, and distributed media across multiple social network channels. Below are some of the video projects I had direct involvement with and oversight of.

Praise From the Marcé Society

“I was asked by the leadership of one of my scientific societies to produce an educational video. I had no knowledge of how to proceed. Fortunately, I found out about Greg Johnson and the Language Media Center. Greg worked very closely with me over a period of several months, helping me with every detail of video production. The final product turned out exceptionally well. I would certainly come back to Greg and LMC for a similar project in the future.” ~ Michael W. O’Hara, Director of Clinical Training, Department of Psychology, University of Iowa


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Praise From the BBC

“My name is Sam Farzaneh. I am a BBC journalist based in Washington DC. I want to say thank you for helping us, gathering material from some old VHS tapes. With what you did, we were able to air the report about Magda Montiel Davis at the anniversary of her meeting with Fidel Castro. Thank you for your time and for converting those footage in the best way possible.” ~ Sam Farzaneh


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Portfolio of Web and Social Media Projects

In the area of web and social media production, I have provided end-to-end solutions including content creation, graphic design, site layout, automated social media broadcasting, and strategic advertising campaigns. Below are a few sites I’ve personally developed or contributed to significantly. Click any image below to view the site live. Most of these sites include full social media integration with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other platforms.

For complete end-to-end online solutions, customer service and response is also included — answering questions received via email, phone, online contact form, or social media. Watchdog services include monitoring sites for signs of hacking and tracking social media activity for potential firestorms.

Some of the sites below are independent secondary ‘supportive sites’ to serve primary objectives. These sites offer greater latitude for content publishing. Developing and maintaining broad reaching public sites allows for greater public engagement. Examples include:

  • – This site provides deep links back to relevant University of Iowa campus partners like Engineering as well as off-campus third parties like M.C. Ginsberg.
  • – This site promotes language related content, with deep links back to relevant University of Iowa campus partners such as International Program, The Language Media Center, and the Division of World Languages, Literatures & Cultures.

Please note that sites may have changed in appearance since the time of launch depending on what the site owner has done with the site. The images below show the site at time of launch.


Language Media Center

I served on the committee responsible for developing a revised web presence for the Division of World Languages, Literatures & Cultures. In that capacity, I provided extensive contributions to the site design and appearance. As a member of the Language Media Center, I provided site design input and created content for the departmental website.




University of Iowa Center for Human Rights




Women’s Network for a Sustainable Future



Iowa City 3D

3D Design and Printing Resources



National Coin Sales

Resources for Numismatic Enthusiasts



Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health

University of Iowa – College of Public Health



Iowa City Architecture



Satya Bodh Ashram



Translator Interpreter Services


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