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  • Lake Tahoe Facts,” Tahoe Weekly, 2017-2018. Excerpt: “The Tahoe Basin is mostly granite, with little topsoil, and therefore few nutrients have washed into the lake to promote the growth of algae and other organisms that make water murky. As well, 40 percent of the precipitation falling into the Tahoe Basin, lands directly on the lake. The remaining precipitation drains through the decomposed granite soil found in marshes and meadows, creating a good filtering system for water. Lake Tahoe’s large volume, relatively small watershed to the lake and the surrounding geology are the primary reasons for its naturally clear waters.”
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Water Temperature

  • Will big winter impact water temperature for swimmers in Lake Tahoe?,” by Claire Cudahy, Tahoe Daily Tribune, 27 May 2017. Excerpt: “Right now the temperature of the surface water is hovering between 50 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit, according to data collected by four NASA buoys moored around Lake Tahoe collecting real-time measurements. But after a warm summer, the surface water can warm to 65 to 75 degrees in August and September.”

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