Tikkun Olam University

Tikkun Olam University was established in 2001, as part of an intuitive to deliver open source collaborative education and curriculum to the world. We began with technical certification courses, as well as hundreds of other courses on a variety of topics.

Our original name was Life University, but over the years, others began copying the name so we became Tikkun Olam University.

Since then, we’ve expanded to provide consultancy and guidance to learners and educators around the world.

In addition to those with continuing education and professional development needs, we also offer courses on a variety of topics. In addition to our own multi-media online instructional materials, we’ve partnered with Lynda.com and other online education providers to offer thousands of courses and over 100,000 online tutorials. This is what we use as our curriculum.

Serving as auxiliary supplemental academic advisors, we can advise on our own course offerings as well as provide guidance to those enrolled in other institutions.

Our program of study and long-term career advising strategy is a personalized approach. This is why the process begins with an individualized consultation letting us evaluate your needs, and letting you evaluate what we can offer.

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Disambiguation: We’re not affiliated with Life University in Marietta, Georgia.