Here is a simple exercise in life awareness and transformation.

Start with a big piece of paper and a pen. With an open mind, do the following:

  1. Life Map. Become familiar with the Life Map.
  2. Write it Down. Write down your areas of life. It need not be in a list. You could put them in different places on the page with room around them to write notes.
  3. Be Thankful. Write down the people, events, places, and things you’re thankful for in each of those areas.
  4. Have Goals. Write down the goals you have for those areas of life.
  5. Know Your Obstacles. Write down things that are obstacles in each of those areas of life. These could be people, events, places, and things you are not happy about. Consider any areas of unforgiveness, disappointment, hurt, and people you don’t get along with.
  6. Don’t Focus on the Negative. Take pieces of torn paper and cover up the obstacles and negative things. If you think of more negative things, write them down, but cover them up after they are written.
  7. Develop a Plan. Think about what you could start doing daily and weekly to reach your goals. Write those things down.

Now on a separate piece of paper, write down the things you would need to do daily, weekly, and monthly to start working toward your goals. Choose the ones that have the smallest investment of time, but will produce the greatest results.

Having a “To Do List” is helpful, but there’s no substitute for actually having a plan of what you will focus on accomplishing each day. Start with simple small goals and try to accomplish those. Then work toward bigger goals.


About the Author. The above exercise was written by Greg Johnson.