I read an interesting exchange on Facebook recently between a Liberal-Progressive and a Hillary Clinton supporter. It reinforced a common pattern I’m seeing where those critical of Hillary are called sexist.

The Progressive offered the following list of concerns regarding Hillary:

  1. She has supported the corporate and the rich at the expense of the working classes.
  2. She supported the breaking of Glass-Steagall (which supported the financiers and bankers and destroyed the economy, hurting 10’s of millions of people), and she has not supported banking regulation.
  3. She is heavily supported by the oil and coal companies.
  4. She supported outsourcing of jobs through NAFTA, KAFTA, GATT, TPP, etc.
  5. She voted to invade Iraq, and is a war hawk whose foreign policy is scary.
  6. Supported her husband’s prison pipeline welfare reform, which hurt the poor and working classes, especially black people.
  7. She is NOT for national healthcare (no surprise she is funded by the big insurance companies).
  8. Does NOT support $15/hr (barely a living wage in many places in this country), while she herself has made 100’s of $millions, IN POLITICS.
  9. She has NOT supported Black Lives Matter, nor has she supported ANYTHING that helps working classes especially black people when it comes to education, supporting Rahm Emanuel’s closing of 50 Chicago schools.

The person concluded: “WE DON”T HAVE TIME for another neoliberal Clinton (Reagan) Democrat who does nothing to stand up for the people who become more and more impoverished in an environment that is more and more unliveable.”

The Hillary Clinton supporter replied: “Progressives have taken up a savage and sexist narrative invented by Republicans three decades ago and tried tried to recirculate it.”

I’ve noticed that just about anyone with legitimate concerns about Hillary is being labeled sexist and racist, which is too bad. It creates an atmosphere of intolerance, and an inability to listen to criticism. Here’s an article that is a perfect example of this mindset of intolerance toward critics. It concludes stating that those who criticize Clinton are dishonest.

Those wanting to support a woman in 2016 may want to consider Jill Stein of the Green Party. She supports a comprehensive platform to address many national issues that are being overlooked by the mainstream political-media collusion.