The AT&T Netgear MR1100 NightHawk LTE Mobile Hotspot WiFi Router is one of the few mobile hotspots available that includes an Ethernet jack. This makes it possible to use the hotspot for desktop computers, printers, routers, mesh networks, and other devices with wired Ethernet connections. At an event or remote location, it would be possible to setup a mesh network for a greater WiFi coverage area.

Setup Warning

When powered on, a message on the device will state that you need to visit http://attwifimanager to setup your hotspot. If you try to visit that address from a computer or any device not connected to the mobile hotspot, the address won’t work. You might even end up at a malicious or fake website. You’ll need to connect to the hotspot with an Ethernet cable for setup.

Setup Process

If you purchase the hotspot at an AT&T store, you should be able to get assistance with setup in the store. If you purchase the hotspot from Amazon, Best Buy or other vendor, you’ll need to contact AT&T to have the device activated. You can do this by using the AT&T chat support or by calling AT&T.

Ideally you will need to have a desktop or laptop computer for setup using an Ethernet cable to connect your computer to the hotspot. When you open your browser, the hotspot setup process will begins. First you will be asked to provide a new hotspot admin password, and then asking you to choose a name and password for your new wireless network. Once the setup is complete, you can go to the hotspot control panel dashboard to monitor usage and settings by visiting the http://attwifimanager on a computer connected to the hotspot.

Device Benefits

When powered on, the hotspot will display the data usage percent and total, including the rollover data. For example, if you have a 20GB data plan, and 10GB has rolled over, you’ll see 30GB total capacity available and the percentage of that total that you’ve used for the billing period. The days left will also be displayed. The hotspot will likely have a better signal and improved bandwidth compared to using a smartphone as a hotspot.

Additional Support