On 28 Feb 2018, Koolulam invited 3,000 people who had never met before joined to sing the song “One Day” as a celebration of coexistence, singing in Arabic, English, and Hebrew.

“Koolulam is a social-musical initiative aimed at bringing together people from all corners of the diverse, multi-cultural Israeli society. Our idea is to stop everything for a few hours and just sing – together. The project enables its participants to enjoy the feeling of togetherness through a deep communal experience – our sounds and voices coming together to create a social choir, full of hope and optimism.”

Here is the a video of the event.

English Lyrics

Here are the lyrics from the video which is a shorter choral version of the full song.

Sometimes in my tears I drown
But I never let it get me down
So when negativity surrounds
I know some day it´ll all turn around

All my life I´ve been waiting for
I´ve been praying for
For the people to say
That we don´t wanna fight no more
They´ll be no more wars
And our children will play
One day (one day), One day (one day)
One day (one day), One day (one day)
One day (one day), One day (one day)

One day this all will change
Treat people the same
Stop with the violence
Down with the hate
One day we´ll all be free
And proud to be
Under the same sun
Singing songs of freedom like

Arabic Lyrics and Translation to English

The lyrics in Arabic are available in a PDF file, listed side-by-side with the English lyrics. [View Lyrics PDF] The transliteration of the Arabic lyrics are also available [View Arabic Transliteration PDF]

These Arabic translations have been provided by the exceptional team at Translation Beyond Words.

Hebrew Lyrics and Translation

We have a PDF document with the lyrics in Hebrew and English provided using Google Translate. [View Hebrew-English Lyrics PDF] We had someone with fluency in Hebrew review the document and they said it was a good translation.

DOCUMENT HISTORY. This document was first posted on 10 Sep 2018 at 9:29 am. It was updated on 14 Jul 2020 at 5:00 PM to include the Arabic lyrics and translation.