“Tactics for Survival in the Corporate State: Life, Love and Other Stuff,” Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa, April 1, 1971, Broadcast on Iowa Educational Broadcast Network, April 12, 1971. The lecture runs an hour and ten minutes. The Q&A, which is about 21minutes, begins at 1:10:38.

An earlier version of this talk was presented on 5 November 1970, as “The Barbara Weinstock Lecture on the Morals of Trade” (“Life Before Death in the Corporate State”), Pauley Ballroom, University of California, Berkeley, published in booklet form by the University in 1971.

Some of the material in both of these largely extemporaneous talks ultimately found its way into Johnson’s book, Test Pattern for Living (Bantam, January 1, 1972; 2nd ed. June 2013). [View]

With thanks to the University of Iowa Library Archives for the raw source material, and Gregory Johnson, ResourcesForLife.com, Iowa City, for the assembling of this single video and associated technical support.

[Event Date: 1 Apr 1971. Air Date: 12 Apr 1971. Posted: 2 Oct 2020.]