In November of 2016, the character “Jonathan Pie” offered some election analysis and critical commentary of the Democratic Party. [View] The advice was potentially quite helpful for collective self-reflection and improvement. Yet, the advice from Pie and others seemingly was ignored.

Now, after a very narrow win by the Democratic Party in November 2020, talk show host Bill Maher offers some similar observations and criticism in this video from 13 Nov 2020. Note: This video contains the cursing that is common with Maher’s commentaries.

If influencers in the Democratic Party can listen, respond, and grow, then good outcomes could be a result. If Maher’s advice and that of others is ignored, the party may devolve and implode, becoming irrelevant and counterproductive to their goals. The inability for collective self-reflection, honest self-criticism, and improvement is probably the greatest threat to the Democratic Party.

Below is the 2016 election commentary from Jonathan Pie.