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It was early morning. I lit a candle and powered on my vintage Raspberry Pi 4 computer. It was a daily reminder of the events of 2020. In addition to the global pandemic, and seemingly unending fires out west, we had a derecho storm knock out power for over 300,000 people in our area.

After the storm went through, I began shopping around for high power generators to prepare for future storms, but then decided instead to look for low power devices that would make expensive, noisy, smelly generators unnecessary. The Raspberry Pi computer was part of that search. It was a small, quiet, powerful computer that used very little electricity, so it could run on battery power for an extended period of time. A cooling fan was optional, so I built mine with adequate ventilation and didn’t place heavy loads on the system so it didn’t overheat. This made it a silent palm-sized computer with no moving parts.

I looked out the window to watch the morning light increase in the sky, and for short time my mind wandered. I decided to write about the events surrounding the Rezifp Dawn experience that Miran and I had been a part of many years ago.

# # #

– END –

[ Chapter: 1-3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ]