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Welcome! Thanks for visiting the Johnson County Iowa Support Network for the Dennis Kucinich for President Campaign.

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Local Contact - Get Involved [Top]
For more information on how you can get involved contact Megan McGrorty at (319) 354-6894.

Meetings [Top]
Campaign meetings, events, and volunteer work opportunities are going on daily. For more information contact Megan McGrorty at (319) 354-6894. Monthly MeetUp meetings are the first Thursday of each month, from 7:00 PM to ? at a location determined by the group. For more information on MeetUp events, visit the Kucinich MeetUp web page at:

About Kucinich [Top]
Kucinich is a unifying and motivational leader who can awaken traditional Democrats and bring back disillusioned progressive and liberal Democrats. More importantly, Kucinich has the leadership qualifications necessary to help restore our nation. He has the compassion and strength needed to bring healing to our nation.

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Quotes [Top]
"In his speech to the Southern California Americans for Democratic Action, criticizing Bush's conduct of the war on terrorism, Dennis Kucinich set the crowd on its ear - one standing ovation after another. Sure, they were all liberals, but what counted was the response on the Internet. The Cleveland Congressman's e-mail box was stuffed to overflowing with 20,000-plus enthusiastic letters." -- Studs Terkel, "Kucinich is the One," The Nation , May 6, 2002.

Dennis Kucinich or Howard Dean? [Top]
Many Democrats have expressed enthusiasm for Dennis Kucinich and Howard Dean. The links below are to help you decide which candidate more closely represents your views:


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