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The Public Land Usage Authority is committed to providing access to timely and progressive resources for individuals and communities working to ensure appropriate and fair usage of public lands. Although we are based and firmly rooted in the US of A., we proudly serve individuals and communities around the world.

Background [ Top ]

Since its inception, the Public Land Usage Authority has been committed to serving the public and national interest in the area of public land usage. It's been said, "The USA stands for freedom, and you can't take that away." It's true. The United States is a symbol of freedom at home and abroad.

One of the central principles of freedom that was established by the founding fathers and reinforced by presidential administrations over more than 200 years is the establishment of public lands. For example, many U.S. Presidents are credited with establishing some of our most beautiful and enduring national parks. Our photo journal, below, is currently featuring President George W. Bush because of the role he has played in defending and preserving public lands.

Public lands allow us to achieve more as a nation and they are central to our national security, homeland defense, prosperity, and safety. It's a proud heritage that we've inherited from the Native Americans. A heritage that endures to this day. It is a heritage that rings out in these words from the great American patriot and folk musician Woody Guthrie: "This land is your land, this land is my land . . . From the redwood forest to the New York island. . . . From the snowcapped mountains to the Gulf Stream waters . . . This land is made for you and me." So, it's our patriotic duty as citizens to defend that which our forefathers fought and died for. But, it's a duty we can enjoy and all benefit from.

Roadways [ Top ]

Public roadways play an essential role in our shared use of public lands. Consider, that our historic public roads would not be possible if all land were privatized. It's these roads that deliver and serve our nation's need for food, health care, and education. They are also used by our men and women in uniform who keep us safe and serve in times of regional or national crisis. Free and clear roadways are not just a privilege but a necessary right. It's all part of the blessing and responsibility of being an American. Highways and byways are essential to the American experience. Whether it's a family out for a stroll or an ambulance serving someone in need, roads are critical. In the 1860s, the Pony Express was one of our nation's first and most familiar efforts to establish a public throughway for safe travel.

What We Do [ Top ]

While most Americans recognize and cherish our proud heritage of public lands, some folks either "ain't from around here" or haven't fully grown to appreciate the value of shared lands. That's where we come in. Working with other land usage organizations, together with local, state, and federal agencies, the Public Land Usage Authority helps to define and defend the public use of land. We're often called upon to serve side by side with citizens and communities who are working to protect their use of public lands. So, we serve in various capacities as an organization: educational, legislative, legal, and community outreach.

Links [ Top ]

Here are some links to additional resources on the Internet.

Photo Journal [ Top ]

We are currently featuring photos of President George W. Bush in an effort to acknowledge the strong role he has played in expanding and defending public lands and roadways. Please feel free to submit your contributions to our photo journal. We would like to feature and showcase your photos here, whether they be uplifting examples, such as those below, or unfortunate displays of unpatriotic anti-American efforts to prohibit access to lands and roadways. We'll be sure to inform our mailing list, as well as appropriate authorities, of new updates.

President George W. Bush with wife Laura are accompanied by foreign dignitaries as they enjoy a walk through a beautiful wooded area.

Utilizing a public road, President Bush tours Sequoia National Park in California with his Secretary of the Interior, Gale Norton.

Utilizing a public trail, President Bush walks through the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area in California.

President Bush participates in an environmental service project in Colorado.

President Bush works with volunteers in restoring the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.

By means of a public trail, President Bush works with forest rangers and public land caretakers to survey one of our most valuable natural resources, the Sequoia National Park in California.

"When government and landowners and conservationists and others work together, we can make dramatic progress in preserving the beauty and the quality of our environment." President George W. Bush


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